#wheezathebeeza - Spewing oil like a blown oil rig

Spent hours today working on Wheeza.
Went with low rise renthals instead of the drag bars it came with. 
I tried the Gilera Western style bars and they did not suit. 
Took the wrap off the header. Love the goldie/blue of the chrome.
Fitted the rack that came with it and my old East Germany Army racksack. 
Fitted a uniflter pod into the airbox/battery box.
Started sticker bombing it.
Drained the tank and put new fuel and premix in.
4 kicks and its started. 
It is a 4 speed gear box. That I know for sure now. 
Its a real bitsa. D7 barrel and head. D14/4 crankcase and gearbox. D1 frame. 
And it smoked and smoked. Muffler might need a decoke.